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While this has book so far has by no means been theory only, we have not really looked at examples of complete PHP projects - applications taken from through all the stages of software development. There are a number of common PHP applications that you are likely to want to make during your programming career, and the code and ideas presented here is designed to be easily ported into your own work, even if your actual project is not covered exactly here.

The projects covered here are a poll, a guestbook, a messageboard, and image thumbnails - these terms are explained more in each individual section. Although there is not enough room in this book to cover much design brainstorming and the like, I have tried to give as much technical detail as possible in the hope that it will deepen your understanding of the language.

Chapter contents

  1. 22.1. Creating a poll
    1. 22.1.1. Analysis: what makes a web poll?
    2. 22.1.2. Development: creating the simplest poll
    3. 22.1.3. Analysis: Poll v2
    4. 22.1.4. Putting Poll v2 into action
    5. 22.1.5. Analysis: Poll v3
    6. 22.1.6. Making the final poll
    7. 22.1.7. Building a better poll
  2. 22.2. Creating a guestbook
    1. 22.2.1. Analysis
    2. 22.2.2. Development
    3. 22.2.3. Problems in paradise: Guestbook v2
    4. 22.2.4. Fixing the problems
    5. 22.2.5. Building a better guestbook
  3. 22.3. Creating a messageboard
    1. 22.3.1. Analysis
    2. 22.3.2. Development
    3. 22.3.3. Analysis: Messageboard v1.1
    4. 22.3.4. Making Messageboard v1.1
    5. 22.3.5. Messageboard v2
    6. 22.3.6. Making an object-oriented messageboard
  4. 22.4. Creating thumbnails
    1. 22.4.1. Analysis
    2. 22.4.2. Development
  5. 22.5. ASCII art
    1. 22.5.1. Analysis
    2. 22.5.2. Development
    3. 22.5.3. Analysis: ASCII art in colour
  6. 22.6. Further Reading

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