1. Which of the following data types are incorrect in MySQL?

    • a) CHAR(20)

    • b) VARCHAR(300)

    • c) TEXT

    • d) LONGINT

    • e) None of the above

  2. Suggest the ideal data type for the following fields:

    • a) First name

    • b) Age

    • c) Height

    • d) Life story

  3. When are LOW_PRIORITY-marked writes executed?

    • a) After ten seconds

    • b) After the next read

    • c) When no more reads remain

    • d) When FLUSH WRITES is called

  4. Temporary tables are automatically deleted when your scripts ends: true or false?

  5. Which of the following statements are true about indexes:

    • a) They usually speed up queries

    • b) They take up extra disk space

    • c) They slow table writes down

    • d) None of the above

    • e) All of the above except d)

  6. You can emulate subselects using multiple individual queries: true or false?

  7. Unbuffered queries allow you to start reading in the result of a query before the query has been finished: true or false?

  8. What is SQLite's key advantage over MySQL and other DBMSs?

  9. Using PEAR::DB is usually as fast if not faster than standard database calls: true or false?


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