1. What will the following function call return: is_readable("http://www.slashdot.org")

  2. Which function locks files:

    • a) lock()

    • b) lockf()

    • c) flock()

    • d) file_lock()

  3. What is the primary difference between rename() and move_uploaded_file()?

  4. In the .ini file format, what is considered to be the start of a comment?

    • a) //

    • b) #

    • c) ;

    • d) All of the above

  5. Which superglobal array contains information on uploaded files?

    • a) $_GET

    • b) $_POST

    • c) $_REQUEST

    • d) None of the above

  6. Under what circumstances can the file_exists() function report incorrect data?


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