Objects within objects

You can use objects inside other objects in the same as other variable types. For example, we could define a dogtag class and give each dog a dogtag object like this:

class dogtag {
    public $Words;

class dog {
    public $Name;
    public $DogTag;

    public function bark() {
        print "Woof!\n";

Accessing objects within objects is as simple as using -> again:

$poppy = new dog; $poppy->Name = "Poppy"; $poppy->DogTag = new dogtag; $poppy->DogTag->Words = "My name is
Poppy. If you find me, please call 555-1234";

Note that $DogTag variable is declared like any other, but needs to be created with "new" once $poppy has been created.


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