Answers to Chapter 2

  1. "Which of these statements is true about PHP 5?" The answer is of course, "c" - both include and require insert the contents of the requested script, but "require" will terminate execution if the script cannot be imported.

  2. "Which of the following is not a valid way to start a PHP comment?" All of the options are valid: ## is simply "#", the start of a comment, followed by another (meaningless) #. Therefore, the answer is "d".

  3. "PEAR is..." the PHP Extension and Application Repository, "c".

  4. "Heredoc syntax is..." a way to define strings without worrying about quotation marks, so "a".

  5. "Mixed-mode processing is..." can only be "b", "the act of entering and exiting PHP processing mode several times".

  6. "Using switch/case rather than multiple if statements is..." a smart idea: the answer is "c".

  7. "Escape sequences are the fastest way to exit your script: true or false?" The answer is "false" - an escape sequence is "\n" or "\r" in a string. Calling "exit;" is the fastest way to exit a script.


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