Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists that focus specifically on PHP, the most popular of which are hosted by the PHP web site itself. Visiting to see a list of possibilities. You will most likely want the general mailing list, as it includes hundreds of questions and answers being sent each day.

Before you post:

  • Read the list for a while to get a flavour of how to ask questions and to make sure the list covers the right area for your question.

  • Make sure you have HTML mail disabled in your email client; only plain-text emails are accepted.

  • Do not ever attach files to your email.

  • If you are having a problem, give a code example showing the problem in the simplest way. It helps people more if you say what you expected to get as output, what you did get, as well as other information - what version of PHP you have, etc.

  • Do not post to the Internals list unless you really know what you are doing. This list is not for questions about how to install PHP, how to use a certain function, or why a script does not work - it is for the actual developers of PHP to discuss code changes and new releases of PHP. You do not need to post to this list asking whether you can use or redistribute PHP .


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