Variable naming

Use meaningful variable names where appropriate. By "meaningful variables", I mean choose variable names that represent the data held inside, e.g. $member_name is likely to hold the name of a member, whereas $m_nm could hold anything . You should consider using underscores to separate words in your variables, because $membername is harder to read than $member_name - this is not required, though. Remember that variables need to be easy to type, so as to avoid the chance of being spelt incorrectly.

Use of variables such as $i, $j, $k, etc, are fine when used as temporary variables inside loops, but elsewhere are just meaningless and may cause confusion.

Good variable names: $date_of_birth, $firstname

Average variable names: $dob, $f_name, $first_name_of_current_member;

Bad variable names: $d, $fn, $n1


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