1. The process control functions are Unix-only: true or false?

  2. Using pcntl_fork() is a good way to do multi-threading: true or false?

  3. The pcntl_exec() function is functionally the same as the exec() function: true or false?

  4. Which SPL interface lets you use your object as an array?

    • a) ArrayObject

    • b) ArrayAccess

    • c) ArrayClass

    • d) ArrayIterator

  5. What is the filename that needs to be downloaded to use browser detection?

  6. What does bcpowmod() do?

    • a) Calculates the power of a modulo division

    • b) Calculates the lowest-common denominator of a fraction

    • c) Calculates the median average of a multiplication

    • d) Calculates the remainder of a division on a multiplication

  7. Templates make the job of separating design from layout easier: true or false?


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