This work would not have been possible without the love and support of my wife, Ildiko, and the skills and ideas granted to me by God. I supposed I'd better mention Nick Veitch, who taught me that journalism is as much of a game as we make it, as well as happily subjecting himself to regular thrashings at Crack Attack.

On that note, Daniel Nelson (the creator of Crack Attack) has many crimes to answer for: if only he knew how many hours I've lost playing that darn game...!

Furthermore, I owe my thanks to the kind readers who wrote in to correct errors in the content - without them you'd be reading some pretty clumsy and inept text! So, in alphabetical order, my thanks go out to: Rand Acs, Tim Ahpee, Jeremy Amos, Oliver Clarke, Michael Corcoran, John F. Douthat, J. Thomas Enders, Jack Gates, Berge Gazen, Nick Hall, Smith Hayward, Sven Hermans, Michael Hkam, Ammar Ibrahim, Shad Itschner, Erik Kneyber, Rob Lemieux, Elizabeth Leung, Neil McClean, Terry Peppers, Przemysław Pacholski, Timothy Pinkham, Gao Qing, Ronald Rhodes, Eric Sabo, Ulrich J Seyfferdt, Braxton Sherouse, Andrew Taylor, Artemy Tregoubenko, Russell Wiley, Nathan Witmer, John Wright, and Miloslav Zridkavesely for their valuable input.


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